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  Shenzhen Rui Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Ruiznen is a company dedicated to the research and development of security monitoring products and professional industry solutions. It provides technology leading, excellent quality security series, professional industry solutions and supporting quality services and technical support to all sectors of society, and constantly creates higher value for customers.

  With its leading independent core technology and innovative research and development capabilities, the company has invested heavily in the past few years to develop high-definition network cameras with more than megapixels, high resolution high-end analog cameras and other security products and integrated intelligent solutions.

So far, Rui intelligent already has intelligent multi domain streaming media server software, and intelligent monitoring center alarm server software.

   The core technology, such as video image processing technology, video and audio codec technology, streaming media network transmission and control technology, embedded system development technology and so on, has been mastered completely through independent research and development.

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